Monday, July 20, 2015

Artifact: Epiphany advertising car wrap

I created a car wrap advertisement. One of the most inexpensive ways to advertise is with a car wrap; you only pay for it once.
I wanted to go a step up from a van so I selected the actual car that Aubrey drives.
I tried to maintain a simple elegance including the fewest things possible making sure to include everything essential. 
I use the law of continuity to draw the eye across the car in C pattern and end in the lower right corner where the contact information is placed like a call to action for a webpage. 
I used the pattern Haley designed for our logo because of how she used the law of pragnanz  to create the impression of a cupcake reducing the elements down to the simplest form, using the law of closure to finish the lines and allow the items to be grouped together to complete the effect. 
I chose a plain but pretty cupcake to go in the back window to catch the eye. I wanted to repeat one of the cupcakes to bring emphasis to the fact that she will create specialty items just for you. I used the bright pink color and the most artistic and larger font to emphasis this element that makes Aubrey's business unique. 
The beautiful gold lettering is the perfect contrast to the beautiful rich blue background color of the vehicle.
The unique font plus the tail of the E adds to the allure that holds the viewer’s attention and makes them want to look harder.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Compose your frame

Rule of thirds; The photo can be divided into thirds both directions and points of interest can be found at the intersect lines. 

Diagonal lines: of the stairs bring interest and draw the eye to follow the line to the top of the tower. The point of interest. 

Vectors: The square blocks create a pattern for the eye to follow toward the tower. The white line of the sidewalk and the line of red stones beside them head to the tower. The top of the tower which is the main point of interest in the top right intersect actually serves as a vector to lead the eye to the sky and clouds. The diagonal line on the body of the tower also is a vector to the clock section.


David Gropman Is the production designer for Hundred foot Journey. He was nominated for an Oscar for the movie life of Pi. He stared by studying stage and design at San Francisco State U then Yale University. From there he stared a career in designing theater in New York on and off Broadway. He did a stage play with a film director then went into film making.

David Gropman is known for being able to capture the mood, which he does in the river scene from Hundred foot Journey.

Food blends cultures and lets us have a peek into someone else s life. Gropman captures intimacy with the setting of the scene, the clothing, jewelry Margaret wears and the position they shoot from. The scene starts out with Margaret coming quickly down a straight path toward the river where Hussin lays in wait for her with a specially prepared surprise. He quickly pops up and calls her over. The camera is focused on the couple and the back ground is out of focus or darkened on all the close ups. The light is mostly defused somehow, the bright colors in the back ground add to the cheerful feelings. There is one shaft of light that shines on Margaret's head I think it acts as a vector. Gropman captures the reflection in their eyes and the tenderness exchanged on their faces with the position of the shots and the lighting on the faces. The contrast of the colors in the blanket and the white cloth along with the formal set up of the dishes add to the sweetness and the romance. They exchanged something very intimate through the sharing and exchange of food. The message is reinforced when they talk about their memories of loved ones being linked to foods. The takes are zoomed in to capture eye and facial responses then zoomed out to capture the mood of the whole scene. The light is reflected off the water, and the building and its structure give the feeling that it is a castle creating a bit of a fairy-tale ambiance. I really like that as the viewer begins to sense the couple are becoming hooked to each other Hussins' fishing pole starts to be pulled into the water. There is a big fish on the other end of the pole; he works it for a minute then he jubilantly announces I caught one. It is symbolic of what has just happened reinforcing the success of the exchange between the two cultures through sharing food.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Axioms of Web Design

The reason I chose this Apple Site is because of how clean and simple it is. However it meets all the elements on the rubric of good web design.  The simplicity brings emphasis to the themes they are presenting and leaves a distinct impression that is easy to remember. I Guess that I really wanted this to be the landing page because I loved the simple way the phones held my attention. I loved the way the light hit just at a perfect intersect and the picture was so breath taking that I couldn't forget it.  The real landing page is on the bottom.
   This is actually  the landing page. The apple icon  goes without saying who's site it is.
1 the pragnaz of each item makes it clear what they are marketing. Music is the first item but each other product is presented in such a way that they get there own promotion.
2 They have a strong grid, lines intersect using the rule of thirds with the words and light at just the right places.
3. In the lower right hand corner they actually have a video link to call visitors to action. 
4. The way that the diagonal lines and the light and colors are set up it leads the eye on a z patterned path and ends at the call to action video in the lower right hand corner.
5. The picture intuitively creates a clear message of music. Then they make the free music offer obvious and easy to spot so the customers concern about cost is eliminated. 
6. The button , the lines on the strap and the fingers all help draw attention to the message about music where the contrast occurs. 
7. The pictures and icons are tastefully done. The colors and clarity  make it enjoyable, memorable and it is also very simple and easy to use.
8.As far as I can tell it converts to 3rd and 4th screen devices.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

contrast, harmony and balance

Contrast is found in the texture of the sharp spines of the cactus compared with the soft smooth petals of the flowers. The colors from the muted grays to the bright pinks and yellows and touch of green all add to the contrast. The shapes of rocks flowers and cactus all bring a quality of interest because of the contrast they bring. created by the arrangement of three. The cactus is in the middle with the two flowers on either side of it.  The textures also add a form of balance along with the negative area of sand and rocks and other items.

Harmony is brought by the distribution of the colors. The two bright pink flowers off set each other with a touch of pink at the very tip of the cactus its self.  A touch of green on the small plant in the lower right hand corner, along with the hint of green in the cactus plant is emphasized by the bright touch of green in the middle of the yellow centers of the flowers and ties the picture together.:

Contrast, balance and harmony

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The law of proximity

objects near each other tend to be grouped together
the law of proximity and similarity is found in this picture.